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Sep. 2022 

Fall Session 2022-2023

Barrhaven RGC Back To Normal Physical Gym

Barrhaven RGC is running physical training after COVID-19. Email us for your best interests. Wish you all safe and healthy. News will be updated on website. Please look around and find what you like to go!

3/4 in 2023

Coupe Quebec #3

Thirteen Gold Metals

Five Silver Metals

Two Bronze Metals

Congrats to competitive girls!

2/3-5 in 2023

30th ORGC 

Seven Provincial Gold Metals

One Provincial Silver Metal

Two Provincial Bronze Metals

One Provincial Gold Metal

One Interclub Silver Metal

Congrats to competitive girls!

1/14-15 in 2023

Competition Completed​ 

Coupe Quebec #2

Congrats to competitive girls' performance in Coupe Quebec 2 !!!

Nine Gold Metals,Seven Silver Metals and Three Bronze Metals!

Congratulations to every gymnast who contributed 100% in Coupe Quebec! We all love to see your growth and progress. You are expected to achieve higher. Efficiency comes from diligence. Bravo!


Congrats to competitive girls' performance in Ontario Skill Showcase #2 !!!

Three Gold Standard and One Silver Standard!

Congratulations to Katelyn, Anna, Julia and Susannah! It is great result of three GOLD Standard and one SILVER Standard in the 2021 Ontario Skill Showcase 2!! You all deserve them as you persisted and worked hard. Special congrats to Katelyn as per her first competition. Everyone was diligent of improving their skills during the pandemic year. We are proud of you! 2021, BRAVO!


Congrats to competitive girls' performance in Ontario Skill Showcase #1 !!!

Two Gold Standard and Two Silver Standard!

As per pandemic situation, Barrhaven RGC competitive gymnasts chose to continue their diligent trainings online. They demonstrated persistence and sport spirit. The club strongly support those gymnasts and record their improvement. Great work, girls!

 Fun  Fitness  Fundamental 

Efficiency Comes From Diligence  

About Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics enjoys the reputation of "The Most Beautiful Olympic Game".  It is a sport combining musics, apparatus, gymnastics and dance. It emphasizes accurate and graceful body posture and flexibility, balancing and high physical quality. There is no strict age limit for this type of sport, and gymnasts contribute to improve their body shape and temperament by practicing Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Our History


Welcome to Barrhaven Rhythmic Gymnastics Club!

Come in and get to know more about us. This is the right place to start rhythmic gymnastics journey. 

Our Programs & Register Now


There are vary groups based on ages, levels and time schedules.Gymnasts simply match their most appropriate classes. There is also capacity limit for each class so please register as early as possible!

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