09/08, 2021 

Fall Session 2021-2022

Online Training Ongoing

Potential Reopen Physical Gym

As per pandemic situation, Barrhaven RGC continue to offer virtual gym class. Physical training is expected to be back depends on Ontario COVID-19 Control Guideline. Email us for your best interests. Wish you all safe and healthy. News will be updated on website.



Congrats to competitive girls' performance in Ontario Skill Showcase!

Two Gold Standard and Two Silver Standard!

As per pandemic situation, Barrhaven RGC competitive gymnasts chose to continue their diligent trainings online. They demonstrated persistence and sport spirit. The club strongly support those gymnasts and record their improvement. Great work, girls!

 All Gymnastic Class Postponed

COVID-19 School Closure

Barrhaven RGC top priority is safety and health of the gymnasts. We postpone our classes until new updates. Wish every gymnast healthy!

3/14-15, 3/27-29, 5/8-10, 6/12-14 in 2020

Competition​ for competitive  group

3/14-15 Kanata Cup cancelled. All other provicincial and national competition events are cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19.

2/7-9, 2020

Trillium Cup

Two Provincial Gold Metals

One Provincial Silver Metal

Three Interclub Gold Metals

Two Interclub Silver Metals

One Interclub Bronze Metal

Congrats to competitive girls!

Provincial Group of 5
Provincial Group of 5

2020 Trillium Cup Gold Metal in Provincial Group of 5

Group of Duo
Group of Duo

2020 Trillium Cup Gold Metal in Provincial Group of Duo

Individual Hoop
Individual Hoop

Provincial Group of 5
Provincial Group of 5

2020 Trillium Cup Gold Metal in Provincial Group of 5


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Efficiency Comes From Diligence  

About Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics enjoys the reputation of "The Most Beautiful Olympic Project". It is a sport integrating musics, equipment, gymnastics and dance. It emphasizes accurate and graceful body posture and flexibility, balancing and high physical quality. There is no strict age limit for this type of sport, and students can learn to improve their body shape and temperament by practicing Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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Barrhaven RGC has vary groups based on age, level and time schedule.Gymnast can simply find her most suitable class. Class always has capacity limit; register before the class is full.