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Congratulations to Jia Li, Head Coach of Barrhaven RGC earning 2023 Coach of the Year Award from Gymnatics Ontario! Click here to celebrate together with us!!

3/22-24 in 2024

Competition Completed​ 

Ontario Provincial Qualifier #1

Congrats to competitive girls' performance in PQ #1 !!!

Two Gold Metals, Two Silver Metals and Three Bronze Metals!

congratulations to the gymnasts of Barrhave RGC on their performance in the Ontario Provincial Qualifier! Medals reflect the solidity of our training and highlights areas for improvement. It's gratifying to see our efforts and abilities recognized by more people. We hope our team continue to mature and strengthen mentally; sports are more than just results and competition, they are also about education. Only when your training and mindset are right can you truly shine and stand out. 

1/27 in 2024

Competition Completed​ 

Coupe Quebec #2

Congrats to competitive girls' performance in Coupe Quebec #2 !!!

Five Gold Metals, One Silver Metal and Four Bronze Metals!

Congratulations to every gymnast who contributed 100% in Coupe Quebec! We all love to see your growth and progress. You are expected to achieve higher. Efficiency comes from diligence. Bravo!

July 4 2023 to June 30 2024 

2023-2024 Season Begins!


Click Here and book your spots via our new online portal!

Barrhaven RGC 2024 Winter Program Open for Registrations.

Barrhaven RGC now offers various programs starting from recreational groups to competition groups. The registration is already open. Please check our programs and register your daughter! Any question, please contact us by

June 7-9/2023 

Congrats to competitive girls' performance in Ontario Provincial Championship and Rhythm Fest !!!

Five Gold Medals + Two Silver Medals + One Bronze Medal!

Congratulations to Barrhaven RGC competitive gymnasts complete their end of year championship! After three years of pandemics, you restepped on the individual championship and group championship of Ontario. Nothing is easy and you showed your sport spirit. We are glad to be recognized by Gymnastics Ontario. We will keep working hard in next year! Bravo Barrhaven 2023 and See you in 2024!

 May 5-7/2023 

Congrats to competitive girls' performance in Ontario Provincial Qualifier #2 !!!

Four Gold Medals + Three Silver Medals + One Bronze Medal!

Congratulations to Barrhaven RGC competitive gymnasts obtaining great results out of the fierce match! They demonstrated persistence and sport spirit. The most important part of sport is to challenge yourself. We are proud of those gymnasts and Barrhaven RGC will record their achievement. Great work, girls!

March 31 - April 2/2023 

Congrats to competitive girls' performance in Ontario Provincial Qualifier #1 !!!

One Gold Medal + One Silver Medal + One Bronze Medal!

Congratulations to Barrhaven RGC competitive gymnasts for your great demonstration in Provincial Qualifier 1. You are growing during the competition. A lot of high level gymnasts compete on the same spot. Everyone is contributing their best. You deseve big big applouse! Hope you can do better in the next competition!

3/4 in 2023

Coupe Quebec #3

Thirteen Gold Metals

Five Silver Metals

Two Bronze Metals

Congrats to competitive girls!

2/3-5 in 2023

30th ORGC 

Seven Provincial Gold Metals

One Provincial Silver Metal

Two Provincial Bronze Metals

One Provincial Gold Metal

One Interclub Silver Metal

Congrats to competitive girls!

Efficiency Comes From Diligence  

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All Videos

All Videos
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Jia Li Head Coach

Jia Li Head Coach

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2024 Ontario Provincial Qualifier #1 in Ottawa

2024 Ontario Provincial Qualifier #1 in Ottawa

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2024 Coupe #2 Quebec

2024 Coupe #2 Quebec

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Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics
About Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics enjoys the reputation of "The Most Beautiful Olympic Game".  It is a sport combining musics, apparatus, gymnastics and dance. It emphasizes accurate and graceful body posture and flexibility, balancing and high physical quality. There is no strict age limit for this type of sport, and gymnasts contribute to improve their body shape and temperament by practicing Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics
Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics
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Wushu Taolu comes from old Chinese Martial Arts and became competition sport since 1958. It includes barehands taolu, short weapons, long weapons and tranditional taolu. Wushu Sport combines all sports' fundamental elements and requires an athlete to be comprehensive in sports ability. An athlete will be trained in the field of strengh, speed, power, flexibility, balance and control. The most important is to practise their breathing, which is the key to life. We like to show you Wushu Taolu Program. Please contact us at

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