The purpose of Barrhaven Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is to cultivate gymnasts' interest in rhythmic gymnastics with high quality. So we brought together high-level coaches. They are not only technically thorough, but also patient and friendly. They care about every step of gymnast's growth and provide the most effective training program.

Barrhaven RGC coach team aims to provide safe and high quality rhythmic gymnastic training. The training plans are always made to meet gymnasts' goals and needs. All coaches should pass Canada Sport qualified training courses and get the qualification of NCCP to be a coach. Safety and Health is the most important factor during the training. The whole team is delicated to work together to help gymnasts improve.


Jia Li

Head Coach


More than 10 years, Jia had experienced the most rigorous training as a professional rhythmic gymnastic athlete. Starting from her age of 8 she began to embark on the road of rhythmic gymnastics. During her professional sport career, Jia obtained “International Sport Master” designation; In 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Jia represented China National Team particiated in final group competition, ranking the sixth. Jia gained the World High School Student Sports Championship; Asian Championship and National Championship. Jia graduated from Beijing Sports University majoring in Sport and Training.


After retirement of a professional athlete of rhythmic gymnastics in 2006, Jia became the coach for the Liaoning Provincial rhythmic gymnastic team and delivered Qianhui Ma(the World University Games Championship), Yanan Hou (the National Championship), Xiaoyue Bai (the National Championship) and Jingnan Zhao (2016 Olympic Games China National team members) and other outstanding professional athletes. Jia moved to Canada in 2012 and became a Canada Sport qualified NCCP rhythmic gymnastic coach and National Level Judge. 

China National Jia Li.jpg

Shuzhi Chen

Senior Consulting Coach


Canada Sport qualified NCCP RG coach. Since 1970 her professional gymnastics career started. In 1972 she was in China National gymnastic team; In 1982 she graduated from the Shenyang Institute of Physical Education as professional Rhythmic Gymnastics team coach and became Liaoning Province Rhythmic Gymnastics team coach; In 1986, she was in Dalian amateur sports school in Liaoning Province and Dalian Artistic Gymnastics Team as head coach; In 1991, She established China's first Rhythmic Gymnastics club, and was awarded the Rhythmic Gymnastics training base in Liaoning Province. In 2003, she was China National Youth RG team coach in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games selection of athletes. From 1986 till now, she has cultivated a large number of excellent rhythmic gymnastic athletes like Dan Sun(current China RG Group Coach), Chou Tao(2008 Olympic Group Members of China, Silver Medals) and a huge number of national championships in China. Shuzhi Chen recently gained the World University Games winners. 


Irene Shen



Canada qualified NCCP Coach. Since childhood in Beijing Shichahai Sports School, Irene started gymnastics training on flexibility, technical skills and physical endurance. Irene also has dancing background; In high school and University she was admitted to be the dance specialist. Not only to participate in dance school, but also actively participated in various dance competitions and won the rankings. She is good at arranging dances and editing musics along with gymnastics. 


Fan Wang


Canada Sport qualified NCCP RG coach. Professional coach experiecnes since 2001. Full experiences on physical training. Combine traditional and modern training methods; Follow healthy and efficient ways; Improve athlete on training fundamental skills. 


Elena Zadoyan



Canada qualified NCCP Coach. Elena had over 12 years Professional Ballet Training and Dance Training. She is specialized on Ballet and Jazz, dance anatomy when she was trained in Canadian School of Dance. She had been in competitive dance team and participate in Provincial competitions, where she received score of gold, high gold and diamond awards; In National competitions, she received high gold awards. She loves teaching child ballets and dance and she follows training plans for each level of child group. She has nice personality and children love her course.


Isabelle Wang



Isabelle is an NCCP Rhythmics trained coach. Isabelle Wang started her rhythmic gymnastics training since she was at the age of 6. She experienced RG Interclub level Individual and Provincial level Invdividual and Group. Moreover, she is knowledgeable of AestheticGroupGymnastics(AGG)routines. Isabelle won Gold Metal in Provincial Level Competitions in 2015 and 2016. She specialises in rope and ball.