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  WELCOME TO Barrhaven RGC 

Rhythmic Gymnastics enjoys the reputation of "The Most Beautiful Olympic Project". It is a sport integrating musics, equipment, gymnastics and dance. It emphasizes accurate and graceful body posture and flexibility, balancing and high physical quality. There is no strict age limit for this type of sport, and students can learn to improve their body shape and temperament by practicing Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Barrhaven Rhythmic Gymnastics Club was established in 2015. The original pioneer was Li Jia, a professional rhythmic gymnast, coach and judge. Barrhaven RGC is open to public and receives the keen love of local children since when it was found. Barrhaven RGC has offered rhythmic gymnastic training to more than 180 gymnasts.Great improvement occurred year over year on those gymnasts. In 2019, Barrhaven Rhythmic Gymnastics Club led the competition team to the Ontario Provincial Championship Competition and won one Gold metal in individual all-around, One Gold metal in Individual Free routine, One Gold metal/one Silver metal in Provincial Group routine. Great results is inseparable from the efforts and diligence of all staffs.

The branding of Barrhaven Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is "Efficiency comes from dilegence." We work hard to cultivate children's sportsmanship with high quality. Let them dare to face challenges and overcome them. During the training of rhythmic gymnastics, children are also required to value teamwork, encourage each other and help each other.

We are encouraging our gymnasts to open their eyes, gain insights, and communicate more through competitions, demonstrations and events. They are trained to grow in different environment. This is extremely important for their future studies, work and life.



We are renting school gyms located in Barrhaven area for rhythmic gymnastics training. We have different groups trained together in Gym. We offer qualified competition carpets allowing for gymnasts to be trained in safe and professional environment. We recommend gymnasts to buy their own apparatus and training suits/toe shoes. The club has its own apparatus and equipment for entry level gymnasts to share. Barrhaven RGC has its own logo and team suits. Gymnasts can order via club directly. Every year, the club will increase and enhance new equipments to meet gymnasts' training needs as best as possible. 

Work Environment Policies

Ensure the health and safety of work/training environment is always mandatory to our club. 

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